Does Insurance Cover Your Program?

Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts can you be used towards the program however insurance will not cover the program as it typically only covers medication, office visits, and office procedures.

How much does the program cost?

The program has two tiers.  The first tier program is $1299 which includes everything you need to make it through the 63 day program.  The second tier program includes everything in the first tier as well as additional office visits for improved patient accountability and pre and post blood work for patients interested in improving health conditions in addition to losing weight for $1499.

Do we offer financing?

Yes!  We have extremely reasonable financing options that let patients pay for the program over 8, 12, 36, or 60 months.

What are your typical results?

Most patients are losing between 25 - 40 lbs of fat in 42 days, however we have also had patients lose as much as 80lbs in 42 days.  This is different than 25 - 40 lbs that other programs offer primarily because appetite suppression and calorie restriction do not burn fat.  Weight Watchers and medication like phentermine will always cause rebound weight gain when discontinued - often more than the starting weight because patients lose muscle mass, water weight, and nutrients.  Our program increases muscle mass % (without exercise), feeds the body things that cannot be obtained from diet alone, resets damaged metabolisms, and disconnects our brains from hormones that keep us overweight.  

How do we achieve these results?

Instead of starving the body, we feed the body specific supplements, vitamins, proteins, and fibers, while using several sets of sublingual drops - that block the affect that fat hormones have on the brain, attack fat cells, and cement in your results without the rebound that accompanies most other traditional weight loss programs!

Is it worth it?

Absolutely!  Weight gain and obesity is not a disease.  It is a symptom.  When you heal your body by giving it exactly what it needs - the fat drops off fast and stays off.  This can not be accomplished with medicine.  The medical approach to weight loss is a failure and usually creates more problems for our patients.  Most of our patients continue to lose weight after the program is over in addition to getting resolution of health conditions they never typically associated with their weight.  

How do I get started?

You can call the office or book yourself online to schedule your 15 minute consultation with the doctor where we will gather the information we need to insure you have the best possible experience and outcomes!

Is their an age requirement?

You must be 18 years or older to participate in the program.