Regardless of decisions we choose to make for ourselves...Accountability is necessary.  Our doctors have successfully gone through the program and will give you the best guidance for success. The Weight Loss Clinic in Oak Lawn Chicago is your resource for success.



No harmful drugs, gluten free, sugar free,  hormone free, and vegetarian based.  Our program harnesses the power of proprietary nutraceuticals and clinical nutrition to ensure that you aren't creating side effects or other problems to accomplish your weight loss goals.  



Calorie restriction, counting calories, or medication based stimulants that alter your appetite don't work.  Additionally you are losing precious skeletal muscle and nutrients.  Once you stop your back to square one and generally worse off.  Our unique program focuses on creating and optimizing hormonal balance in the brain, endocrine, and digestive system for excellent health benefits in addition to life long weight loss! The Weight Loss Clinic in Oak Lawn Chicago.



 Because our program works to balance the bodily systems responsible for weight gain we are ultimately resetting your body's metabolism to an entirely new level so that weight loss is sustainable.

Patients are losing the majority of their weight in 42 days.  This "weight" is not skeletal muscle or water.  This is abnormal fat and tends to average between 25-40 lbs.  Our clients also lose significant inches since our program targets hormonal fat loss.



The greatest byproduct of our program is the unintended greater health and wellness that we achieve in our patients.  Many of our patients have health related issues that they did not anticipate resolving when they decided to seek our help.  Resolution of chronic conditions such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, thyroid imbalance, metabolic syndrome, insulin/leptin resistance and diabetes - is a fantastic and rewarding result of our innovative program.  Presenting The Weight Loss Clinic in Oak Lawn Chicago IL.



People are often fearful of losing weight due to the  idea of having to starve or not being able to eat.  In our program we actually encourage you to eat!  You will not be hungry and will be quit surprised how easy it ease to stay compliant and happy at work, during your activiites of living, or even during those stressful times that are inevitable! Starvation and calorie restriction like many other diets or programs actually produces a loss in skeletal muscle which keeps weight off naturally.  This is why people often gain the weight that they lose back.  Introducing a totally new program with The Weight Loss Clinic in Oak Lawn IL.  

Gluten Free

 For those many with sensitivities and allergies to wheat proteins. 

No Hormones

 GMO, antibiotic free and 100% Safe 


 No need to compromise your food ideologies. 

No Exercise Required

 By harnessing the intrinsic metabolism of the body we are able to achieve great success without exercise. 

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